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Mar 14, 2013 1:05am PDT
is going to take as much energy as he humans can into this. >> thanks very much. great being with you this week. >> good to be with you too. >> thank you for watching abc news. check in for "good morning america." they'll have the latest from here in vatican city. we're always online at >>> from the plumes of white smoke to the deafening cheers in st. peter's square, a new pope elected. >> brothers and sisters, good cardinal jorge bigolgio. he will be known at pope francis, the first jesuit in pontif history. >> it is thursday at the vatican as we take a live look there. the new pope will meet with his predecessor, pope emeritus, popepossiblyct, possibly within hours. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm ama date. carolyn is off. >> i am dan ashley. this choice is cause of celebration for many catholics and some continue verse because of his -- and some controversy. leslie brinkley is live in san jose where catholics attended a joyous service in honor of pope francis this evening. >> reporter: it is quiet right now, it is symbolic of a changing catholic church.
Mar 16, 2013 1:05am PDT
in one of their worst efforts. where is the energy? where is the urgency? >>> the warriors wrapped up a two-week home stand and theyse t with a win in chicago. the bulls lost by 42 in sacramento a couple nights ago. that apparently made them angry. it wough night for the warriors. this is opening possession and two-happened slam. two-hand slam. nate robinson enjoying his visit back at oracle. back to back three's. they end the half at 20. here is a warrior highlight. and steph curry without authority. har harrison barnes clean it was all up. it was all bulls, all the time. derrick rose is still out and carlos boozer two hands and he hadthe night and the night is really complete with the air ball from the foul line. brother. warriors are down 36 and rally to lose by only 18. they really got crushed 113-95. a big game on the road against houston. miami heat and their 20-game win streak. lebron james 360 spin and with authority. it.t's how you do it. it. how do you stop that? how do you stop this? it is now time for your facial. james 28 points and 10 xtend their win streak to 21. it is
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2